Work in France Teaching EFL

Date posted:2017-11-30 | Writer: American Village Camps | Email: [email protected]

American Village Camps seek energetic, creative, initiative-takers who are native level English speakers & love working with children. Our camps run in various locations in southeast or southwest France from February to October, annually. We’ve been running English immersion camps in France for over 20 years! Our English Language Counselors live at camp and lead activities & English classes for French children between the ages of 8 & 15 years old. Counselors are responsible for the safety and well-being of the campers under their care.


We only seek Language Counselors who are native level English speakers. TEFL qualifications preferred.

- Required experience: camp counseling, childcare, &/or teaching experience

- Clear criminal history

- 20 years old is the minimum age requirement for foreign counselors. A typical applicant is between 20 and 35 years old.

- High school diploma from a high school in an Anglophone country & correct grammar and spelling on application.


- Be a team player, be organized, and be able to disconnect from technology during working hours (no smartphones while with the kids).

- Be capable of organizing activities: sports, arts & crafts, dance, large scale games, etc.

- Be kind, caring, and good-humoured (a people-person!)

- Be excited about performing in skits, telling stories, leading songs & cheers, etc.

- Know enough about USA History and Culture to brainstorm theme activities and skits.

- Be receptive to learning about our approach to teaching English, and implementing it in the classroom!


- A salary for all days worked: 1170 Euros / month .

- Shared dorm-style housing with other counselors, bedding included.

- Meals included.

- Free laundry services are available at least once a week.

- No fees associated with the obtainment of your temporary work permit (North Americans).

- Absolutely no application fee to apply to this job.

- All counselors may request a 50€ defrayal of train travel to their village.

- Accident insurance while working for work-related injuries.

- Nacel will pay any work-related transportation costs if the counselor has to change work locations.


Apply to the email address given on the job heading for this unique work experience in rural France, working on a multi-cultural team and meeting people from all over France as well as Anglophone countries across the globe - all while having fun with the campers under your care.

You can contact our recruitment office for specific questions:

We're also available by phone +33 565765503

Below you can read feedback from an ITTT graduate regarding one section of their online TEFL certification course. Each of our online courses is broken down into concise units that focus on specific areas of English language teaching.


Reflecting upon this unit, I have come to learn many important theories on teaching. I have become aware of some helpful teaching theories such as communicative, community, task-based, and presentation, practice, production language teaching. The different ideas on how to engage, study, and activate will assist me in the future in creating fun and entertaining lessons for my students.Pronunciation is one of the main aspects of a language but even many native speakers are not so happy/willing to teach it. Phonology is the study of sound and the way we produce them everytime we speak. Intonation is very important in terms of mutual understanding and it quite often changes depending on Countries and cultures. English uses the IPA, the International Phonetic Alphabet.