Teach EFL Online to Chinese Students

Date posted:2018-03-06 | Writer: Likeshuo (Meten Online) | Email: [email protected]

Meten English was established in 2006 with the sole purpose of offering the English language to English learners and has regular opportunities for TEFL qualified teachers to teach online with our affiliate company. Likeshuo. The first center opened in Chongqing back in 2006. Since then we have expanded to 80 centers in 19 cities throughout China, including Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Dongguan, Zhongshan, Foshan, Beijing, Suzhou, Xiamen, Chengdu, Chongqing and Wuhan. Meten English currently employees over 2000 teaching and administrative employees including 350 Foreign English teachers and 400 local Chinese English teachers. Meten English has successfully taught more than 60, 000 students since 2006.

Our R&D center is one of the only few Chinese owned English education companies in China to be registered with an internationally accredited R&D center, and currently has over 100 course developers possessing masters or doctorate degrees.

Meten English’s curriculum is unique and extremely effective for Chinese students striving to raise their English Levels. Our curriculum and textbooks are developed and designed by our own teaching department and have been revised over the years in order to best meet the needs of both our students and our teachers.

Likeshuo affiliated with Meten International Educational Group, is a leading online study brand in China. With language training experience for more than 10 years and its strength in internet, it enables English learners to study English 24 hours a day and 365 days a year with real online English training product and service.

Likeshuo is a comprehensive online education brand which covers General English, English for Young Learners, Overseas Examination and English for Professionals. Aided by the internet, global qualified teachers have registered in likeshuo and there are over 2000 striking foreign teachers from English speaking countries. The intelligent and interactive learning platform allows students to expose themselves in the full-English environment at anytime and anywhere with computers/ tablets/telephones, which can increase students’ learning efficiency and interest in English.


·         SOHO STYLE!!! 

·         You don’t need to come to mainland China. Your home is your office

·         Opportunities to learn Chinese culture

·         Enjoy the freedom to teach wherever you have a good internet connection.

·         You don’t need to write lesson plan.

·         We provide the teaching materials on our interactive educational system.

·         Competitive salary!!!

·         Stable income per month: We will sign fixed time labor contract teachers.

·         Attractive payment: You will get payment in you contract hours even though you don't have classes.

·         You will GET BOUNUS after class!

·         Short class!!! Every class just 45mins!!!

·         Flexible hours!! You could decide your own working schedule !!


·         Only native English speaker (USA, UK, CAN ), bachelor degree, preferably TEFL and TESOL certified

·         Demonstrated ability to plan, organize, instruct and evaluate learning activities at the secondary level

·         An interest in online teaching and working in a different culture


Please submit the following documents to the email address given on the job heading:

·         Resume

·         University graduation diploma, with TEFL/TESOL certificate

·         Copy of passport first page

·         A recent picture of yourself  

Skype: metenjoecy


Below you can read feedback from an ITTT graduate regarding one section of their online TEFL certification course. Each of our online courses is broken down into concise units that focus on specific areas of English language teaching.


This unit focuses more on classroom management which has to do with classroom arrangement, establishing rapport with your students and how you can use your voice as well as classroom discipline.I have learnt that the sitting arrangement in class has a vital role to play in classroom dynamics.I have also learnt that shouting to show annoyance is not a good response to problem behavior.It's always useful to review beneficial grammar points. It's especially useful to be able to put names to the devices which I have been using for my whole life - often subconsciously. It really makes me realize how difficult English can be, and it makes me grateful that I learned most of these things young or naturally! I can see how this would be difficult to learn when one is older.