Regular Opportunities in China For TEFL Qualified Teachers

Date posted:2019-02-21 | Writer: Sino Interlink | Email: [email protected]

Sino Interlink English has regular opportunities for TEFL qualified teachers, with over 50 vacancies a quarter in a variety of locations in China. Our clients consist of a number of private schools, public schools, kindergartens, training centres in China covering all age groups from nursery through secondary. Work part time for full time pay. Eat delicious food outside with friends every night without having to worry about what the bank says. Explore the world’s oldest civilisation and immerse yourself in their culture. Learn another language. Develop friendships that will span continents. Be a part of the global mechanism that is globalisation. Teach English in China, the safe way, with Sino Interlink.


• Accommodation paid for by the school (rent, and with some school, utilities as well): the accommodation shall be kept to a standard of cleanliness and maintenance in accordance with the law of the people’s republic of China for foreign employees and shall include-2 bedrooms, 1 kitchen, 1 bathroom and 1 living room and shall be fully furnished. There shall be no pests in the apartment, and all teachers shall have access to heating, internet, water, gas and electricity. Sometimes you may share with another teacher, but I never once shared an apartment during my 3.5 years of life in China.

• Flights paid for on completion of the employment contract, in the form of an extra bonus paid into your bank account.

• Work VISA sponsored by the school: Known as a Z VISA, our client provides every teacher with one in accordance with the law of the people’s republic of China.

• Medical insurance: overnight stays in a hospital paid for in full by the school.

• Airport pickup: you will be met at the airport by a member of staff from the school.

• Chinese Mandarin lessons: 4 hours per week, free of charge.

• Competitive salary: From 10,000(RMB)+/month. The exact amount is dependent on the teacher’s experience and their location: due to the fact that 2nd tier cities cost more to live in than 3rd tier cities, salaries are higher in 2nd tier cities to compensate for this. Foreign employees also do not pay tax for their first 5 years in the People’s Republic of China.

• Tourism: The vast majority of schools like to show international employees around China, for 2 reasons: 1-tourism is one the biggest appeals to working in China and 2-it is a great promotional opportunity for the school.


• Be a native level speaker of English from the UK, the US, Canada, Australia or New Zealand (this is necessary for the application of a work-Z-VISA).

• Be educated to bachelor’s or above in any subject.

• If degree is in an educational/teaching field, you can disregard the following, otherwise: must have a teaching certificate such as a TEFL/TESOL/CELTA OR 2 years of teaching experience.

• Have a clean background check (DBS, this is not required prior to application, it is usually applied for after having been accepted).

• Have a health certificate (chest x-ray, bloods; this is not required prior to application, it is usually applied for after having been accepted, the client school will provide details as to exactly what needs to be tested for).


• Teach 20 or 25 hours of classes per week. In the instance of 20 hours per week, these classes shall be spread across 4 days. In the instance of 25, these classes shall be spread across 5 days. Working less than 20 or 25 hours per week will not reduce your income in any way-unless a certain hour not worked is the fault of the teacher (i.e. just did not bother to turn up to class).

• Dedicate 3 hours a week to office hours activities: including staff training and meetings. These hours shall be hosted within the same days as the teaching hours.

• Be well prepared for every class-you are expected to prepare your own materials and lesson plans, in the instance that equipment needs to be purchased, the school will reimburse you. In most cases, the teacher’s lounge is full of props and useful equipment anyway.

• Be patient, understanding and caring towards the students. English is a difficult language for Chinese students-when you compare a language in which one must understand 20,000+ words to be fluent (English) to one in which one must know 3500+ words to be fluent (Mandarin), you’ll understand that it is not always easy for the students. Patience is a must.


Send your CV and cover letter to the email address given on the job heading for the attention of Aaron Arlott

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