Teach Children and Adults English in Madagascar

Date posted:2019-02-14 | Writer: Speak English Tana | Email: [email protected]

Speak English Tana is a well established family-run ESL school. We are recruiting native speaker level EFL teachers to join our team and provide EFL lessons for children, youth and adults in classes and individual lessons in Antananarivo, the capital of Madagascar. Depending on your experience, you will be teaching classes, animating an English club, or tutoring individuals and small groups. Our work environment is friendly and supportive. We expect teachers to be professional, outgoing and to show initiative. We can use all that you have to offer! We will have new courses starting towards April/July 2019. If arriving from abroad you would ideally arrive 3-5 days before the start of classes in order to acclimatize. For new teachers, we will evaluate your abilities and will develop an orientation or training program/period based on your situation/background. This may range from a basic orientation before you start teaching to a longer process. Ongoing feedback and support will be given to ensure quality and satisfaction during your time here.


We provide standard English courses based on well-known materials such as the Cambridge Interchange and Oxford American English File series. We also provide customized courses and tutoring for interview/exam preparation and for companies and NGOs. In 2018 we added classes for children aged four to eleven. In 2019 we hope to be able to continue and expand classes for this age group. Our students come from a variety of backgrounds, from middle and high school students, to university students; to professionals in IT, Agronomy, Finance, Management, Media; to business people, civil servants, teachers, hairdressers; to directors and small business owners; and to NGOs, tour operators and large companies. We offer a variety of course times to accommodate our students. We have early morning classes that start at 7 AM, followed by mid-morning and afternoon classes. We may eventually add evening classes. We also have Saturday classes, starting at 7 AM and finishing at 4:30 PM, that are quite popular.   

Teaching the standard courses requires basic classroom management skills and an engaging manner. Little prep time is needed to prepare for adult classes, teacher books are available to guide lesson plans for the adult classes. We expect the incoming teacher to take on 12 or 18 hours of classes a week, with a further 5 hours on Saturday. Depending on the experience and ability of the teacher and on student demand, the teacher will be able to pick up an additional 6-12 hours with private students/companies. Teachers can arrange holidays around long weekends (with arrangements for substitute teachers to cover classes). Our main break of 2 weeks is usually around the end of December. An additional break of 1-4 weeks can be envisioned for July/August.


We expect teachers to stay with us for 6 to 12 months. We will pay a bonus of 500 USD for teachers that complete a full one year of work with us. Pay is calculated on an hourly basis (one hour teaching equals one hour pay). Different pay rates are applied for different types of teaching work e.g. Saturday class has a higher rate than weekday class. Corporate, children's and private classes are paid at highest hourly rate. Experienced and capable teachers will have the opportunity to work with individuals and companies for private tutoring/classes. These are paid at higher rates than regular classes. These classes may require travel around the city. You will be given an additional taxi fare if travel is required. A minimum salary of 550 USD a month is guaranteed. This represents 20 hours a week of mostly regular classes. A medium and typical salary is 900 USD a month. This is with a mix of regular classes, private classes and children’s classes and about 30 hour a week. A maximum salary during a busy month could reach 1,250 USD for about 37 hours a week. Regular teaching hours may vary with +/- 6 hours a week and private classes depend on supply and demand. For teachers coming from abroad we can provide simple temporary accommodation at the school for one month or we can help look for accommodation nearby the school.


Please submit the following documents in English by email to the address given on the job heading:

1. A cover letter

2. A C.V.

3. Three references.

We will look for experience and proven ability in ESL teaching as well as a personality that enjoys working with people and experiencing new cultures. It is important that the applicant is at native English speaker level. We will review applications and will schedule interviews for selected candidates on an ongoing basis, prioritizing candidates having experience and ability to teach both children and adults. Please clearly indicate the date you will be available. 

TEL: +261 34 38 421 18