TEFL in Carlos Casares, Argentina

Date posted:2008-01-28 | Writer: Paddington English Institute | Email: [email protected]

 The position we are offering is a full time job for teaching English to very small groups of Spanish speaking students (between 2 and 6 students per class). Their ages range from 4 to 17 years old mainly, though we also have a few young adults.

 Paddington English Institute is a small private institute which provides high-quality academic courses to people who wish to learn English as a foreign language for academic, professional or personal purposes. Our teaching levels range from Kindergarten to Advanced English.

Our institute is situated in the centre of Carlos Casares, a small quiet town (Approx. 20,000 inhabitants) in the north-west of Buenos Aires Province (312 km from Buenos Aires City). Our institute is as small and quiet as the town itself. There aren't many students if compared to institutes in big cities, but our academic levels are kept the same as international standards.


Our permanent staff are only three or four teachers working in a really friendly environment. All the teachers at the institute are young lively people who respect and care about each other, they are also very helpful among themselves and try to be in constant professional development through workshops, conferences, congresses, etc. whenever possible, as bigger cities -where those issues are held, are quite far from ours. Another important thing that all the staff are very careful about and involved in, is our "friendly customer service" - an indispensable issue if working in such a small town.


We start classes on 1st March and finish by 15th December every year. We go by the same holidays as the official school calendar in our area.

Our academic syllabi for 2008 have already been designed and all the teachers agree to follow a similar criteria for teaching. Support and training are constantly given to new teachers. However, new ideas and suggestions are very much welcome - we are a small team trying to help each other and doing our best all the time, not only in the planning of our classes, but also when it comes to special celebrations, outings with our students, or travelling for a day's work to other Paddington branch.


Our students attend classes twice a week, and we teach a different group of students every hour. The groups of students are maintained at a maximum of 6 students, that is why the relationship teacher-student overlaps the classroom borders and becomes almost familiar.

We work in a pretty friendly environment keeping a close interaction with students, parents and colleagues not only inside, but outside the institute as well.


Carlos Casares is a small agricultural town, people are peaceful and easy-going (almost everybody takes a nap after lunch). We don't suffer from smog, demonstrations, pick-pocketing or other things related to big cities. We don't even have public transport - anybody can do really well with a bicycle in this town.

Our winters are very cold, but it has never snowed in Carlos Casares. Another interesting thing (specially for overseas applicants) is, that the meat in this area is of a very good quality due to the way cattle is raised thanks to climate and soil conditions.


  • Make sure you’ll be available to work for the whole period March-December 2008 before applying.
  • You must be a qualified teacher of English (eager to follow our teaching advice and to report about students’ performance on a weekly basis).
  • You must have a good command of Spanish.
  • Overseas applicants, who enter Argentina with a tourist visa, are advised to bring a medical health insurance for the period of six (6) months. Getting overseas teachers’ visas for their work permits in Argentina, takes Paddington approximately three (3) months’ time.
  • Basic social security and medical protection for our teachers are included in the contract, but due to legal paper work, you will be able to make use of your medical protection only after 3 months from getting your work permit.


  • If you come from any country that belongs to MERCOSUR, it will be easier and quicker to get your working permit visa for Argentina.



[email protected]

Please remember:

  • State “TESOL Teacher” in the subject of your message (for us to identify your e-mail as NOT SPAM)
  • Attach your CV and some photos of yourself.
  • We would be grateful if you could tell us what and how much you know about Argentina, and if you have any friends or relatives from our country.
  • Do not hesitate to make any further questions. We’ll be glad to give you more information.




Qualifications Needed: TESOL Certification
City Location: Carlos Casares
Salary: Minimum ARG$ 1,000 per month
Hours per week: 30 hours per week to

Additional Incentives:

  • Working visa, working permit and residence permit are provided and the institute will cover the fee.
  • We meet and pick up the teacher when she/he arrives in Buenos Aires Airport.
  • We transfer and accompany the teacher from Buenos Aires airport to her/his new home in Carlos Casares.
  • We show the teacher how to move around the town and try to help him/her socialize and meet new friends.
  • Orientation + Training (before starting classes)
  • Constant support all along the academic year.
  • Career advancement opportunities.
  • Approx one month paid holidays.


Institution / Agency Details:

Name: Paddington English Institute
Phone: +54-2395-453106
Fax: [email protected]
Email: [email protected]

Below you can read feedback from an ITTT graduate regarding one section of their online TEFL certification course. Each of our online courses is broken down into concise units that focus on specific areas of English language teaching.


It's only the first unit but it's already becoming really interesting. In this singular Unit, I have learned the diverse classroom roles that I should play as a teacher, speaking of being a Prompter, Facilitator, Manager, Model and Assessor to my prospective students. I have also learned the measure for grading students to different levels in the English language, ranging from the \"Beginner\" to the \"Elementary\Managing a classroom effectively will greatly increase the teachers effectiveness. A teacher should know when to use his/her voice, hand gestures, eye contact and physical position appropriate to the activity at hand. A good rapport between students and teacher plays an important part in the success of the class. How to group students, appropriate seeting arrangements and how to maintain discipline in a classroom.